Thursday, March 17, 2005

Des Plaines, IL - CIBA Vision hired Clarity Partners, LLC to design and develop an order processing and inventory management application for its Special Eyes Program. This application will reduce order processing times and improve inventory utilization as well as support multiple users in the US and Puerto Rico.

About CIBA Vision

CIBA Vision is the world leader in cosmetic lenses. Its Special Eyes Program is a not-for-profit organization that develops and produces prosthetic soft contact lenses to mask ocular disfigurement caused by injury or disease, or to aid in the treatment of vision disorders. Revenues generated from the sale of prosthetic lenses are used to fund production of lenses, administration of the Program, and professional and public education. Any revenue in excess of expenses is donated to vision care education programs. No patient or practitioner is ever denied access to lenses because of monetary reasons. Over 30,000 people world-wide have been aided by this and its predecessor organizations.  For more information on CIBA Vision please visit