Monday, February 22, 2010

Chicago, IL – Clarity Partners, who played a large role in the CPL’s website redesign in 2008, is working with the CPL to manage the ongoing content creation program for the Chicago Public Library website. Hundreds of thousands of users access the Chicago Public Library’s catalog, databases, digital collections and email reference each month from their homes, schools or offices via the Chicago Public Library’s website. An onsite Clarity Partners resource works with staff from several departments including Collection Development, Children’s Services, Adult Services, Special Collections, and Computer Services to create, test, and publish new content.

The Chicago Public Library website is fully integrated with a number of services and products including:

  • CarlX by TLC is the library catalog, holding over 5.5 million records
  • Endecca overlays the catalog and provides users with a flexible search interface
  • KidsCat, a special catalog just for children
  • OverDrive allows patrons to download items in CPL’s digital media collection
  • ContentDM houses over 6,000 digital images taken from Special Collections
  • Envision allowed patrons to make and manage over 3 million PC reservations in 2009
  • Ask a Librarian, an email reference service
  • SurveyGizmo for surveys and polls
  • 98 Subscription Databases
  • A homegrown Event Calendar that allows users to export events to their personal calendar

About the Chicago Public Library For 125 years, the Chicago Public Library has been one of Chicago's premier cultural and educational institutions. It has served as a place of lifelong learning; a research center; and a source of literature, information and enrichment for the people of Chicago, the State of Illinois and the world. Although the Library has grown dramatically since it first opened on January 1, 1873, its mission has remained the same--to provide and to support opportunities for all people to read, learn and discover at their Chicago Public Library. Today, the more than 70 locations of the Library are a source of books, periodicals, newspapers and information in multiple languages. Users can find computers and Internet access, literature, science materials, music, videos, business resources, educational research and extensive cultural and community programs for children and adults.  More information regarding the Chicago Public Library can be found at