Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chicago, IL - Clarity Partners has recently completed a Pilot program to automate a subset of the 311 FTP and payment file load processes Harris & Harris manually executes in support of their core collection business using Automate BPA Enterprise Server from Network Automation, Inc. After conducting an initial evaluation of the systems automation space with Harris & Harris, Clarity worked to complete an inventory of Harris & Harris' processes and determine which were candidates for automation. The selection of Automate BPA Server was followed by a pilot program where four processes involving the exchange of payment information with their client’s systems were automated. Automate BPA enterprise Server offers a full range of functions that allows complicated manual tasks to be reduced to Visual Basic routines that can be run on schedule with little or no human intervention.

Clarity's efforts will reduce operating costs and improve the reliability of Harris & Harris' collection operations. After the successful completion of the pilot program, Harris & Harris is now prepared to automate the 300+ remaining processes within their inventory.

About Harris & Harris

Harris & Harris is an acknowledged leader in the field of accounts receivable management. The Harris and Harris approach treats individuals with dignity and respect. Their staff conducts its practices in strict compliance with the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and all applicable state statutes. Harris & Harris is a private family owned company that has grown from a one-man business in 1968 to a firm of hundreds of collections professionals using current technology to help businesses recover revenue.  For more information on Harris & Harris visit