Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Springfield, IL – To save costs for the agency and its contractors, the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) will implement an Electronic Bid Management system (eBids) to streamline and automate the bidding process for transportation construction projects in Illinois. IDOT has selected  the iPD software product from Utah-based ExeVision to serve this need. Clarity Partners will be providing implementation services to ExeVision and IDOT to seamlessly integrate the ExeVision software with the agency’s existing contract letting and management systems.

Once implemented, the ExeVision software will help increase the accuracy, flexibility, timeliness, and fairness of the construction project bidding process in Illinois. IDOT anticipates significant cost savings through elimination of overtime currently needed for the seven scheduled lettings each year. Based on national averages of Departments of Transportations (DOTs) implementing similar electronic bidding initiatives, studies have found an initial return on investment of over $100,000.00 a year in reduced printing costs alone.

About ExeVision

ExeVision LogoExeVision was founded in 1994 as a custom software development and consulting company with an emphasis on Oracle technologies. In 2001, ExeVision made a strategic shift to become a premier provider of integrated project development systems for road and bridge construction in city and state departments of transportation, forestry service, and other agencies with demanding and specialized construction requirements. ExeVision's integrated Project Development (iPD) product seamlessly integrates comprehensive project management control for preconstruction, construction, and civil rights activities starting with the creation of a project estimate and finishing with the final contractor payment.  To access more information on ExeVision please visit http://www.ipdsoftware.com/.

About IDOT

The Illinois Department of Transportation was established in 1972 to meet the multi-modal transportation needs of the State of Illinois. IDOT is responsible for building and maintaining the state’s highways, supporting air, rail, and public transportation projects, and encouraging traffic safety so that the avenues of commerce and travel remain open and accessible to all of Illinois.  For more information regarding IDOT, please visit their website at http://www.dot.state.il.us/.